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The Ad-Vertiser
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The Ad-Vertiser is a FREE community-oriented publication
available on the web and in newsprint,
filled with informational and up-to-date classified and display ads.

From retail sales to job opportunities, birthdays to rentals,
special events to yard sales, movies to restaurants, holiday specials to real estate,

we've been covering it all since 1967!!

With incredibly INEXPENSIVE rates and free ad design,
The Ad-Vertiser keeps the cost for any individual or business that wishes to
promote their cause within financial reach.

With 5,000 copies distributed each week to over 125 business locations,
and hand-delivered to over 1500 homes door-to-door in the Moab area...
Everybody reads 'em!

Be sure to pick up a copy of this unique newspaper each week
or bookmark this webpage to
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The Ad-Vertiser

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